Custom Manufacturing Service for Custom Parts

SUNTECH is a full-service manufacturer of custom parts in casting, CNC machining, injection molding, sheet metal fabrication and stamping manufacturing.

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From machining to more

The earliest of our business started from machining, with serving more and more customers, we extended our manufacturing service to casting, sheet metal fabrication, stamping and injection molding.

General Information of  Our Manufacturing Services

Service Materials Tolerances Part Size Lead Time
CNC Machining Metals and Plastics +/-0.001mm Medium to Large 3-15 days
Casting Metals CT4-CT11 Small Medium Large 25-30 days
Injection Molding Plastic +/-0.07mm 0.01kg–10kg 25-30 days
Sheet Metal&Stamping Metal +/-0.05mm Small Medium Large 3-15 days

What’s the Advantage in SUNTECH

Large Machining Parts

We can produce large machining parts that are consistent in performance and meet your needs.

We can manufacture parts that up to 2.2 meter diameter and 5 meter length and weight up to 5 tons. And work on a variety of materials including iron, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, zinc alloy, brass, titanium and others.

Our Factory Overview

Quick look at our factory

Raw material is the basic of our manufacturing.We have stable raw material supplier and could get stable and sound raw material for the part to be manufactured.