Custom Aluminum Die Casting

We offer aluminun, zinc, magnesium, brass high pressure die casting service with secondary machining and painting operations. We supply custom die casting parts worldwide.


ISO 9001:2015

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As for the benefit of aluminum die casting:

Firstly, it is high efficiency. Generally speaking, the cold chamber die-casting machine can run 600-700 shots per 8 hours, and the hot chamber die-casting machine can divide the pressure 3000-7000 shots per 8 hours.

Secondly, we can get high dimensional accuracy, stable and consistent dimensions, small processing costs and easy assembly from die casting process. The accuracy is IT11 to IT13, and in some cases, IT9.

Thirdly, the casting structure has high density, high strength and high hardness.

Fourthly, die casting method can save the assembly process and simplify the manufacturing process.

At last, there are pores in the casting, but generally still meet the requirements for usage.

Our Casting parts are commonly used for:

  • Die casting auto parts

  • Engine

  • Cylinder head

  • Motor end cover

  • Die-cast housing

  • Pump housing

SUNTECH Die Casting Capabilities

Maximum Weight

Maximum weight 20kgs

Casting Tolerances

Casting tolerance ±0.05mm

Die Casting Parts Materials

When selecting die casting materials, according to products specific requirement, we need to overall consider the mechanical properties, physical properties, corrosion resistance and other factors.

Aluminum alloy materials, magnesium alloy materials, and zinc alloy materials are commonly used materials in die castings, but different types of materials have different characteristics, it should be selected according to specific conditions.


  • Aluminum Alloy

  • Zinc Alloy

  • Brass

  • Magnesium

Surface Treatments for Die Casting

The most common surface treatments used for die casting are plating, powder coating, painting, and anodizing. The choice of die casting surface treatment depends on the desired function, performance and appearance of the finished product.

Surface Treatments: Plating
Material: Zinc Alloy

Surface Treatments: Poweder Coating
Material: Aluminum Alloy

About Die Casting Work

There are various types of die casting processes, including hot chamber and cold chamber die casting.

Die Casting Workshop

Take a quick tour through our Die Casting workshop to see how we manufacture die cated parts.