Forging process

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Metal Forging Processes

Forge produces parts and components that are stronger than those that are casting or machining. As metal is shaped during the forging process, the grain structure is continuous throughout the part or component.

These forged products also have to work well while in motion, such as auto frame.

Forging Materials

  • Steel

  • Carbon Steel

  • Stainless Steel

  • Aluminum
  • Copper, Brass

  • Magnesium

forging Guidelines

Hot Forging
Maximum Weight 5,000 kgs

Forging Applications

Our forged components are widely used in machinery and equipment wherever a component requires high strength; then further processing (such as machining, surface finishing) to achieve a finished components.

  • Automotive industry.
  • Aviation industry.

  • Electronic industry.

  • Machinery and equipment.

Forging Workshop

SUNTECH is an experienced OEM Service Provider who can provide various forged components.

Tighter Tolerance.
More Beautiful Products.
Higher Standard Service.
Shorter Delivery Time.

Forging Service FAQs

Robust and comprehensive service capabilities:

After you provide drawings and requirements, SUNTECH will choose the most cost-effective forging process and provide a perfect solution.

An experienced team can complete orders faster, lower defective rate, and strictly test the parameters and performance of products.